Philips Sonicare diamond toothbrush reviews

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What is Philips Sonicare diamond toothbrush?

For the long-lasting love, we used to use jewelry to commemorate the unforgettable bits and pieces. With favorite diamond jewelry, we are always careful maintenance, and will regularly clean diamonds. I believe many people will be professional cleaning diamonds to the jewelry store, and also heard using ultrasonic technology to clean diamonds. So, what is the mystery of ultrasonic cleaning?


What is ultrasonic cleaning diamonds?


In fact, use ultrasonic technology cleaning diamonds, it has just emerged in recent years, use ultrasonic cleaning diamond rings or other diamond jewelry, it is effective to remove the stubborn stains on the diamond surface, even the metal drill inlaid veneer, It is easy to remove the stains of the convenient place, make the diamond back to the original new.


Ultrasonic cleaning diamond is the use of the cavitation effect, when the sound pressure or sound intensity to a certain extent, the bubble will rapidly expand, and then suddenly closed, in the process of bubbles generated to shock wave Diamond surface dirt, let the dirt layer dispersed, emulsified, stripped to achieve the purpose of cleaning.


In fact, the teeth is another important life companion, it accompanied us to taste the bitter sweet and sour, so, for this precious partner, we have to know how to treat Precious diamond jewelry as carefully care.


While in recent years the Philips Sonicare Diamond toothbrush, use unique acoustic vibration technology, can help us effectively remove the traditional brushing teeth difficult to clean the area (tooth gap and the following part of the gum line) plaque.


Philips Sonicare’s sonic vibration technology, through the toothbrush heads bristles wide and high frequency swing, not only can clean tooth plaque, tartar and dental calculus, but also can be oral water and toothpaste cavitation Effect, resulting in numerous small bubbles, with these original by the ultrasonic cavitation effect of the bubble burst, and instantly in the mouth will form a full range of high-pressure shock wave, resulting in a unique flow of clean force gently remove the teeth, including Clean the blind spot, and can cover the gum line, the molar area and the tooth surface plaque.


In addition, the Philips Sonicare diamond toothbrush heads, can be used for orthodontic care, high-density bristles break the brackets, effectively deep into the teeth clean and efficient removal of plaque, while brushing teeth can absorb Part of the pressure to brush your teeth more care gums.


In the product design, Philips Sonicare diamond toothbrush body is very light, only about 140g weight, it will not feel cumbersome when you brush the tooth, its built-in pressure sensor to stimulate the brushing efforts to avoid Too much effort to cause additional damage to the gums. This is effective in removing the plaque within the mouth, and do not have to worry about brushing teeth caused by excessive enamel, gum damage, orthodontic use of more care of the teeth.


Philips Sonicare Diamond Toothbrush is not just an electric toothbrush, it is more like our user intimate assistant. In addition to ensuring that the real flow of clean force effectively remove plaque, it also according to the user’s different oral conditions, provides five kinds of brushing patterns, including cleaning, whitening, polishing, gingival health, sensitive mode. And when we travel, it also provides a charge cup and travel box, let us pack up more easily. Even it also takes into account the user’s pursuit of color, providing a variety of colors of the toothbrush to allow users to choose. These intimate care is that many similar products have not yet done, but it reflects the height of a product, worthy of the world recognized as a pioneer in the field of toothbrush.

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