Philips sonicare toothbrush heads do the deep cleaning.

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With the strongest cleaning power sonicare brush heads, Philips do the depth of cleaning.

Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush introduce a new sonic electric toothbrush, the new Sonicare toothbrush is based on the most high-end diamond cleaning series mold, the official name for the “Sonicare Diamond Cleaning Depth Edition”.


The new electric toothbrush speed up to 31,000 per minute, and high-speed motor can be combined to achieve efficient cleaning the teeth dirt; in the same time, “sound wave” function use the oral saliva to stimulate flushing effect, brush is able to deep into the teeth gap, remove the rear teeth of the tartar.


“Deep cleaning” electric toothbrush equipped with a new “deep cleaning” mode. In the 3 minutes brushing time, the toothbrush will be repeated for tartar cleaning and gentle stimulation gums, will be removed the hidden in the back of the teeth and all dirt of the teeth surface . In addition, the toothbrush is also equipped with the general plot mode “Clean”; the teeth white “White” mode; gentle treatment of teeth and gums “Sensitive” mode; focus on gingival protection “Gum Care” mode, these are all new features.


The most important part of the electric toothbrush is the new design toothbrush head. Philips said the new “self-adaptive cleaning brush head” is the strongest tricher processing capacity in the history of Sonicare. the base part of Brush heads use rubber material, so let the brush root-intensive arrangement, compared to manual brushing can also have more than 10 times the cleaning capacity.

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