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Braun Brush Heads

Braun Brush Heads
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Braun brush heads make best smile for everyone

Electric toothbrush brush heads can be pricey, so it’s worth knowing what you’re getting when you part with your cash.

Oral B has the largest selection of specialist brush heads which it claims will whiten, floss and give a more thorough clean. Below are some of the most popular brush heads you’re likely to see in the shops. With the exception of Pulsonic models, all Oral B brush heads work with all oral B toothbrushes so you can interchange different heads. This means you can build multiple heads into your cleaning routine, depending on the type of cleaning action you want.

What you need to know

Precision Clean is the original Oral B brush head. It is supplied with most Oral B electric toothbrushes as standard. This head rotates around each tooth to clean away plaque. Most move with a rotating-oscillation action – it rotates in one direction and then in the other. Some brushes also make this head pulsate to help dislodge plaque.

The Dual Clean essentially offers a two-in-one approach to cleaning away plaque. The round, top part of the head cleans each tooth with a rotating-oscillating action while the lower section sweeps from side to side.

This has four flat, rubber-edged flossing strips among the bristles. These are designed to slip between teeth while the bristles are cleaning the tooth surface. Our expert dentist is sceptical that brushing alone would drive these strips between teeth to clean effectively. We wouldn’t recommend using this brush instead of regular flossing.

This brush head has a rubber cap at its centre which polishes teeth surfaces as the outer bristles clean away plaque. The cap helps to buff teeth in a similar way to a hygienist’s polishing tool. But it’s unlikely to move fast enough to create similar results. If you want to whiten your teeth as you brush our dentist recommends using a whitening toothpaste – its active ingredient is likely to have more of an effect than the action of a brush head can.

The Trizone is shaped like the head of a manual toothbrush and is designed to clean in a similar way. The dark blue bristles remain static to clean teeth surfaces, while the longer white bristles sweep from side to side to clean between teeth. The bristles at the tip are angled to sweep into hard-to-reach areas.