Oral B Eb17C Sensitive Brush Heads

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Oral B Eb17C Sensitive Brush Heads

Oral B Eb17C Sensitive Brush Heads

SKU: eb17c

EB17-C Toothbrush Heads Replacement For Braun Oral B Flexisoft Compatible With Electric ToothBrush Handles

GREAT QUALITY-BrightDeal standard toothbrush heads are proven to reduce gingivitis up to 100% better than a manual toothbrush.Advanced bristle reaches hard-to-clean areas.
HEALTHY & SAFETY STANDARD-FDA approved BrightDeal toothbrush heads are made at the highest health and safety standard.
HIGHLY COMPATIBILITY – Compatible WithOral B EB-17C Braun Flexisoft (A full list of compatible models in the description below)
GUARANTEE- BrightDeal provide high quality replacement toothbrush heads, fast shipping, easy return, high standard customer service.100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. or Your Money Back.
WELL PACKAGE-You will receive your sealed in BrightDeal Branded Packaging.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Toothbrush Heads Replacement For Braun Oral B Flexisoft Compatible With Electric ToothBrush Handles EB-17C

    The replacement brush heads in this pack fit Braun Oral-B electric toothbrushes.
    They have extra soft, rounded bristles in the center to protect the teeth from too-firm brushing.
    4x Toothbrush Heads for ANY oral B Toothbrush with rotating Head EB-17C NEW UK

    yes these heads are compatible with ALL Oral B Toothbrushes with ROTATING head
    APART from Oral-B Sonic Brushes

    we will send you 1x 4 Pack

    All Oral-b Brushes with round head rotation D4510 D12013 D12013W D12523 D17525 D18 D19523 D19545 D20523 D20545 OC18 D8011 D9525 D9511 D20 D25 D30 D32 type4739 3709(except sonic brushes) 3728 3738 3744 3757 and Oral-B type 4731 4728 4739 3709 3728 3738.

    Oral-B Sensitive Gum Care Replacement Brush Heads

    Oral-B Sensitive Replacement Electric Toothbrush Head – For a Gentle Clean

    1. Our softest bristles, perfect for people with sensitive gums.
    2. Superior cleaning vs. a regular manual toothbrush.

    Replace Brush Heads Every 3 Months
    Dentists recommend replacing your brush every 3-4 months. Oral-B brush head refills feature indicator bristles that fade halfway to help remind you when to replace your toothbrush head so you maintain a superior clean vs. a regular manual toothbrush.

    One of the most common findings I come across intraorally is recession, and abfraction related to aggressive toothbrushing habits. This is an excellent brush head that can be used on a number of oral-B spin brush models. Because it is sensitive, it is usually the first head I introduce patients to when they first purchase an oral-B powered toothbrush, and they are always very pleased with the clean they feel after brushing without the abrasive effects of improper brushing.

    My dawnsyndrome girl, use to have gum and teeth very sessitive. Thi cain of tooth brush was the perfect for her. never again complain about pain when I brush her teeth. And the bristles gentel go betwin teeth. It was a good experience for her.

    For all my patients using Oral B, with the exception of patients in orthodontic treatment, I recommend the sensitivity head for effective plaque removal and protection of gum health. This is especially beneficial for those with a tendency to brush aggressively, since its soft bristles help prevent abrasion.

    I love this brush head so much. When purchases a variety pack this one instantly became my favorite. It is soft for sensitive teeth but still durable for a all around deep clean. The little head helps with cleaning my back molars and has improved my probing depths.

    I have used this brush head for many years. It is very soft and gentle on the gum tissue. It does not cause sensitivity on areas where gums are receded.LOVE this brush head because of how soft and gentle it is. I have sensitivity and slight recession in some areas and this works perfectly for me.

    Over the years I was a very aggressive tooth brusher which caused gum recession, my teeth are very sensitive. I purchased an Oral B electric tooth brush with an extra soft brush head and it was a great decision. t=The brush senses when I apply too much pressure so I stop and the extra soft brush head cleans well but causes no sensitivity. Great purchase.

    oral b eb17c sensitive brush heads