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Oral B Heads

Oral B Heads
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Which oral b heads fits my Oral-B toothbrush?

Oral-B offers a variety of replacement heads for your specific oral care needs. And since all of our brush heads fit all of our electric toothbrush handles (except Pulsonic), it’s easy to find the perfect fit for you. Browse below our entire line of Oral-B replacement brush heads.

CrossAction: Removes up to 100% more plaque along the gumline.
FlossAction: Unique MicroPulse bristles for a superior interdental clean.
Precision Clean: 5x more plaque removal along the gumline.
Deep Sweep: Deep Clean with triple zone technology.
Dual Clean: Dual action cleaning for a complete clean.
Pro White/3D White: Whitens teeth in 2 weeks by removing surface stains.
Ortho: Designed for braces.
Interproximal Clean/Power Tip: Designed to clean around dental work.
Sensitive: Superior cleaning* with extra soft bristles.

As you’ll see below, Oral-B has designed an assortment of brush heads for their family of powered toothbrushes. And for the most part, it seems that they can be used interchangeably on all of their various toothbrush handles (the part that houses the motor).
Take advantage of this feature.

Brush head interchangeability is a nice option to have. It means you’re not tied to just using the one style that originally came with your brush handle. You can swap it out with any other design when you buy replacements. (So, when looking for a new electric toothbrush, just go ahead and buy the model that’s on sale.)

Even during a single brushing session, you may find that switching to a second specialty head helps you to do a more thorough job. Or if you share your brush, you can each use whatever style brush head you find works best for you.

Oral-B brush heads are generally round to oval shaped, rotary-motion brushes. The exception is the Deep Sweep which is shaped and used like a traditional toothbrush.
Oral-B Deep Sweep and Floss Action brush heads.

Oral-B Deep Sweep and Floss Action brush heads.

Floss Action – This is an oval rotary-style brush head. In our picture, it’s the one on the right.

We would expect that this is one of Oral-B’s most effective plaque removers. A blurb on the Oral-B website states that the Floss Action is “clinically superior” to the Precision Clean.

(Not that we’d really expect that you’d be confused on this point, but an asterisk on the Oral-B website reminds readers that the use of this head does not replace actual flossing.)
Precision Clean – This brush head is just slightly smaller and more perfectly round than the Floss Action (it’s the smallest sized non-specialty head). The Oral-B website states that this is their most popular replacement brush.
Pro White – This head has a unique design. It has the same oval shape and same size as the Floss Action. But in the center of it’s bristle arrangement is a rubber polishing cup (not unlike the one your dentist uses to polish your teeth, although smaller).

We found this interesting. In one online review, the poster stated that they had sliced the bristles off an old head and were using the cup to do touch up polishing on their teeth.

Oral-B literature states that this head is only intended for use by people 12 years of age and older.
Sensitive Clean – This is a smallish, perfectly round brush head that has extra-soft bristles. It’s been designed to create a “gentle brushing experience” for users who have “sensitive teeth and gums.” We noticed that this is the brush head that comes packaged with the “For Kids” toothbrush.

This is the smallest “normal” style brush head that Oral-B makes. And while it doesn’t take using a stiffer bristled brush to do a good job of cleaning, we’d expect that the Floss Action and Precision Clean heads are more efficient plaque removers.
Ortho Care – This brush head has been designed for cleaning around orthodontic wires and brackets.

It has the smaller (same as the Sensitive Clean), perfectly round design. However, the twist here is that this head has fewer tufts of bristles and they’re more spread out and smaller in diameter than on other designs. We can imagine how this would give them more opportunity to splay out and reach in between and clean around obstacles.

Deep Sweep – Different than all of the other brush heads in this list, this one has a shape that’s similar to a normal toothbrush.

As you can see in our picture, the Deep Sweep is relatively large (the other head shown in the picture is the Floss Action, which has the largest size of any of Oral-B’s rotary brushes). A smaller “compact” version of the Deep Sweep is not available.

When it’s running, every other row of bristles (including those at the tip) sweep up and down. (The white and lighter blue bristles in the picture above are the ones that move.)

We’ve seen published researched that favorably compared the use of the Deep Sweep to a Sonicare toothbrush. But we have no information about how it compares to other Oral-B heads.
Precision Tip – This is Oral-B’s smallest brush head. It only has 4 tufts of bristles that come together to form a point.

This is a very unique brush and we can see how it could be ideal for cleaning difficult areas, such as spaces between teeth or under bridgework. When we searched for this head online, fewer retailers were selling it than the other styles. But it was available.
Dual Clean – The dual clean has two moving brush heads. A top one that has Oral-B’s standard rotary action and a lower one that swivels back and forth.

We’re not especially big fans of this head. For example, we don’t see how you could use the swivel portion to clean the teeth furthest back in your mouth. The whole design just seems to be a gimmick.

Interestingly, when the Dual Clean is mounted on a Vitality handle, Oral-B states its fully charged battery should last for “5 days” of use. When any other (single-head) brush is mounted, they state “2 weeks.” Evidently when you use this head it makes your toothbrush’s motor work harder.