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Oral B Toothbrush Heads

Oral B Toothbrush Heads
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Oral B Toothbrush Heads fitting my Oral-B toothbrush?

Oral-B gives a selection of replacement moving towards your particular oral care requirements. And given that all of our brush heads fit every one of our electric toothbrush manages (other than Pulsonic), it is actually quick and easy to locate the best suitable for you. Search here our whole collection from Oral-B replacement brush heads.

CrossAction: Removes around 100% additional plaque along the gumline.
FlossAction: Unique MicroPulse rages for a remarkable interdental clean.
Precision Clean: 5x additional plaque elimination along the gumline.
Deep Sweep: Deep Clean with triple region modern technology.
Dual Clean: Dual action cleansing for a comprehensive clean.
Pro White/3D White: Whitens teeth in 2 full weeks through eliminating area stains.
Ortho: Designed for dental braces.
Interproximal Clean/Power Tip: Designed to clean around dental work.
Sensitive: Superior cleansing * with extra soft rages.

As you’ll view below, Oral-B has created a variety of brush go to their family members of powered toothbrushes. As well as mostly, it seems to be that they may be used reciprocally on each one of their different toothbrush handles (the part that houses the electric motor).
Capitalize on this function.

Brush head interchange is a great option to have. This implies you’re not linked to simply making use of the one design that originally included your brush deal with. You can easily switch that out along with every other style when you purchase replacements. (Thus, when seeking a brand new electric toothbrush, just go forward and get the style that’s on sale.).

Even during the course of a solitary cleaning treatment, you could locate that switching over to a second specialized head helps you to do a more complete project. Or even if you share your brush, you could each use whatever type brush head you discover works well for you.

Oral-B brush heads are actually typically circular to oblong shaped, rotary-motion brushes. The exception is the Deep Sweep which is molded and also made use of like a conventional toothbrush.
Oral-B Deep Sweep and also Floss Action brush heads.

Oral-B Deep Sweep and Floss Action brush heads.

Floss Action – This is actually an oblong rotary-style brush head. In our photo, that is actually the one on the right.

Our company would certainly expect that this is one of Oral-B’s very most helpful plaque removers. An ad on the Oral-B internet site explains that the Floss Action is “clinically superior” to the Precision Clean.

( Not that our experts ‘d actually count on that you would certainly be actually baffled on this point, yet a reference mark on the Oral-B web site advises audiences that the use of this head carries out not replace genuine flossing.).
Precision Clean – This brush head is actually simply somewhat much smaller as well as much more flawlessly rounded in comparison to the Floss Action (this’s the littlest sized non-specialty head). The Oral-B web site conditions that this is their very most well-liked replacement brush.
Pro White – This head has a distinct style. That has the exact same oblong shape and very same size as the Floss Action. However in the facility of this is actually rage agreement is actually a rubber refining cup (not unlike the one your dentist makes use of to fine-tune your teeth, although much smaller).

We found this fascinating. In one online review, the poster explained that they had sliced the bristles off an old head as well as were utilizing the mug to do patch up fine-tuning on their pearly whites.

Oral-B literature states that this head is only aimed for make use of by folks 12 years old and more mature.
Sensitive Clean – This is a slight, flawlessly round brush head that has extra-soft rages. This is actually been developed to generate a “gentle brushing experience” for customers which have “sensitive teeth and gum tissues.” Our experts discovered that this is the brush head that happens packaged along with the “For Kids” toothbrush.

This is the littlest “usual” type brush head that Oral-B helps make. And while it does not have utilizing a stiffer raged brush to perform a good work of cleansing, our experts would certainly anticipate that the Floss Action and also Precision Clean heads are much more efficient plaque cleaners.
Ortho Care – This brush head has actually been designed for cleaning around orthodontic cables as well as braces.

This has the much smaller (same as the Sensitive Clean), perfectly rounded layout. Having said that, the twist right here is actually that this head possesses fewer tufts of bristles and also they’re extra spread as well as smaller sized in dimension in comparison to on various other styles. Our experts can easily think of exactly how this would give them a lot more chance to splay out as well as reach between and also clean around obstacles.

Deep Sweep – Different than each one of the various other brush heads within this list, this one possesses a form that is actually identical to a typical toothbrush.

As you could see in our image, the Deep Sweep is fairly sizable (the various other head shown in the picture is the Floss Action, which has the biggest measurements from any of Oral-B’s turning brushes). A much smaller “compact” variation from deep blue sea Sweep is certainly not on call.

When that’s operating, intermittent row of rages (featuring those at the tip) sweep up and down. (The white as well as lighter blue rages aware over are the ones that relocate.).

Our company’ve observed posted investigated that swimmingly reviewed using deep blue sea Sweep to a Sonicare toothbrush. Yet we have no info about just how it compares to other Oral-B heads.
Precision Tip – This is actually Oral-B’s littlest brush head. This just possesses 4 tufts from rages that come together to develop a factor.

This is actually a very special brush and also our company could view how it could be ideal for washing hard regions, such as rooms between teeth or under bridgework. When our team hunted for this head online, less retail stores were actually marketing this compared to the various other types. However it was readily available.
Dual Clean – The dual clean has two moving brush heads. A top one that has Oral-B’s common rotating action as well as a lesser one that rotates back and forth.

Our experts’re not specifically major enthusiasts of this particular head. For example, our experts do not view how you could possibly utilize the swivel section to clean the pearly whites outermost back in your oral cavity. The entire concept only seems to be to become a gimmick.

Fascinatingly, when the Dual Clean is placed on a Vitality deal with, Oral-B conditions its totally charged battery should last for “5 times” of use. When any other (single-head) brush is installed, they explain “2 weeks.” Seemingly when you utilize this head it makes your toothbrush’s electric motor job harder.