Philips Hx6011 Sonicare All Around Clean Brush Heads

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Philips Hx6011 Sonicare All Around Clean Brush Heads

Philips Hx6011 Sonicare All Around Clean Brush Heads

SKU: hx6011


Suitable for use with Philips FlexCare, FlexCare+ and HealthyWhite toothbrushes.
10% wider sweep than previous models means increased plaque removal.
The slim, angled neck makes hard-to-reach areas easy to access.
A push-on connector makes the brush body easy to clean.
More environmentally friendly than the Sonicare Elite toothbrush heads.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Philips Sonicare ProResults Standard Sonicare toothbrush head
    Larger surface area and contoured bristles thoroughly clean and massage teeth and gums.

    All-around Clean
    Snap-on brush head

    Easy brush head placement and handle cleaning.
    Angled, radial-trimmed bristles expands the area covered.

    The curved surface area created by angled, radial-trimmed bristles helps maintain contact with the surfaces of the teeth and gums as the brush head pivots, covering a larger surface area without increasing the size of the brush head.
    Contoured bristles fit the natural shape of your teeth.

    These Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush bristles are trimmed in a contoured pattern to fit the natural shape of teeth. The peaks and valleys along the length of the brush head are ergonomically designed to follow teeth topography and fit in between teeth so you’re less likely to miss places when you brush.
    Brush head design maximizes sonic motion

    Thoughtful design and precision engineering ensure that when this Philips Sonicare replacement brushes are combined with the sonic motion and flexible brushing modes, you get a thorough clean.
    Reminder bristles ensure you are getting an effective clean

    Reminder bristles let’s you know when to replace the brush head. After three months of normal use bristles exhibit fatigue, and brush heads are less effective. Replace your brush heads every 3 months.

    Ease of use.
    Suitable for these models.
    Items Included.
    Hygienic travel cap.
    1 pcs.
    Technical specifications
    Operating time.
    For optimal results, a new brush head is recommended every three months.
    Replacement .
    Reminder Bristles fade when a replacement is needed.
    Weight and dimensions.
    Dimensions brush head packaging .
    21.6 h x 7.0 w x 2.2 d cm .
    Weight brush head packaging .
    0.03 kg.

    High quality replacement toothbrush heads for use with a wide variety of Philips electric toothbrushes. Although not made by Philips, these heads are of an extremely high quality at a fraction of the price. They come factory sealed in a hygenic environment in packs of four and have not been split/tampered with.

    These are 8pcs/2packs of soft bristle brush heads for PHILIPS SONICARE.

    Pack: 4 pcs in one pack

    Compatible with all Toothbrushes as below







    Sonicare R710 Sonicare R732 Sonicare RS910
    Sonicare RS930 Sonicare RS950

    Note:Products are brand new and manufacturer sealed. Not made by Philips.

    Package included :
    Two 4pcs Set Toothbrush heads In original package (4pcs/set)