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Philips Hx7001 Sonicare E Series Brush Heads

Philips Hx7001 Sonicare E Series Brush Heads

SKU: hx7001


1.Replacement Electric Toothbrush Heads Fits for Philips Sonicare e series.
2.The compatible brush heads provide deep, yet gentle, cleansing with a precise combination of soft, extra-soft and super-soft end-rounded bristles.
3.The longer bristles are designed to clean hard-to-reach areas with ease.
4.Reminder bristles ensure you are getting an effective clean A brush head that fits multiple handles.
5.Easy to manoeuvre to focus on hard-to-reach areas.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Philips Sonicare HX7001 E-series Standard Replacement Brush Head

    Fit for Philips Sonicare a4000, e5000,e7000,e9000 series toothbrush. Technology: Work Time: change the toothbrush Head every three months. Weight and size: 21.6(H) * 6.5(W)*4.1(D) cm Package weight: 0.057 kg Designedto optimize performance Tipbristlesensure that you effectively clean,Normal use after three monthes, Bristles will deform,Cleaning effect will ofreducing. Toothbrush heads hould be changed once every 3months. For a variety of toothbrush brush head For original handle Snap SONIC toothbrush head.

    Compatible with all Toothbrushes Model as below
    Applicable models: Elite / Essence/ Xtreme
    HX3500, HX3300
    HX4002 HX4101 HX4321 HX4472 HX4573 HX4871
    HX4872 HX4572 HX4511 HX4772 HX5130 HX5752
    HX5251 HX5310 HX5350 HX5351 HX5352 HX5551
    HX5400 HX5500 HX5551 HX5451 HX5751 HX5754
    HX7881 HX7361 HX7351 HX7841 HX7553 HX7551
    HX9500 HX9552 HX9553 HX9562 HX9842 HX9882

    Compatible with HX7001/HX7002/HX7022 Philips Sonicare E SERIES toothbrush heads
    High quality generic sonic replacement brush head made with end-rounded US Dupont Tynex Nylon bristles for offer exceptional cleaning of tooth surfaces and deep between the teeth.
    Effectively removes plaque without irritating gums.

    Fit to below models of Philips.
    compatible with the following series of toothbrushes
    ALL ESSENCE SERIES 5000, 5300, 5500, e5000, 5700, 5750

    Advance, Elite Essence Series
    Advance, Elite & Essence Serie
    Advanced a4000
    Elite e7000 & e9000
    Xtreme e3000 models

    Models include:
    HX4002, HX4101, HX4321, HX4772,

    HX5251, HX5310, HX5350, HX5351, HX5352,

    HX5400, HX5500, HX5551, HX5751, HX5752,

    HX5754,HX7100, HX7300, HX7351, HX7551,

    HX7361, HX7400, HX7500, HX7800,HX9500,

    HX9552, HX9553, HX9800, HX9882

    100% Brand new and high quality!Compatible with HX7001 Philips Sonicare E SERIES toothbrush headsHigh quality replacement brush head made with end-rounded Nylon bristles for offer exceptional cleaning of tooth surfaces and deep between the teeth.Effectively removes plaque without irritating gumsSpecifications:Material: Plastic & ElectronicsColor: WhiteLength: approx. 13.5cmNet Weight: 27g Package Include:1pc Tooth Brush.

    Fit For Models: Elite Sonic Shake Toothbrush;Essence;Clean Care;Xtreme;Advance
    Description: Fit For Philips Sonicare A4000; E5000;e7000;e9000 Series Toothbrush. Technology: Work Time: Change The Toothbrush Head Every Three Months. Weight And Size: 21.6(H) * 6.5(W)*4.1(D) Cm Package Weight: 0.057 Kg Designedto Optimize Performance Tipbristlesensure That You Effectively Clean;Normal Use After Three Monthes; Bristles Will Deform;Cleaning Effect Will ofreducing. Toothbrush Heads Hould Be Changed Once Every 3months. For A Variety of Toothbrush Brush Head For Original Handle Snap SONIC Toothbrush Head.

    High quality Generic Replacement Brush Heads made with end-rounded US Dupont Tynex Nylon Bristles for offer exceptional cleaning of tooth surface and deep between the teeth.
    Toothbrush heads are proven to reduce gingivitis up to 100% better than a manual toothbrush,effectively removes plaque without irritating gums.
    Sonifresh Replacement Brush Heads Compatible with Philips Sonicare Essence | E-Series, Advance, Elite, CleanCare and Xtreme Brush Handles. (Complete list in Description below)
    Blue indicator bristles fade halfway so you can know when to replace your brush.Disclaimer:These toothbrush heads are manufactured independently by Sonifresh.
    The 4 E-Series replacement brush heads come with caps for hygienic storage and travel, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back.