Philips Hx7002 Sonicare E Series Brush Heads

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Philips Hx7002 Sonicare E Series Brush Heads

  • Description

    Product Description

    Replacement Toothbrush Heads for Philips Sonicare Elite Hx7002 Hx7022 Xtreme

    4 pack sealed in Brightdeal packaging,shipped from US which is Guaranteed.
    Brightdeal tandard toothbrush heads are proven to reduce gingivitis up to 100% better than a manual toothbrush.
    The quality of Brightdeal toothbrush heads is the MOST comparable to Philips Sonicare.
    Screw-on system fits: Advance, CleanCare, Elite, Essence and Xtreme Philips Brush Handles.
    Reminder bristles will fade when a replacement is needed, usually three months.

    Condition: Brand New Factory Sealed in Retail Packaging.
    Item Included: 4 pcs of Standard Brightdeal Replacement Brush Heads.
    Screw-on brush head, easy brush head replacement and handle cleaning .
    Contoured bristle field fits the natural shape of teeth.

    Brightdeal have the most comparable quality of Philips Sonicare E Series (HX7022, HX7023, HX7026). These E Series brush heads with screw-on system fit the following Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush Handles:

    The replacement brush heads are compatible with all of the following handle models: HX3300; HX3351; HX3500, HX3551; HX3881; HX4002; HX4101; HX4011; HX4321; HX4772; HX4511; HX4572; HX4573; HX4772; HX4871; HX4872; HX5130; HX5251; HX5300; HX5310; HX5350; HX5351; HX5352; HX5400; HX5451; HX5500; HX5551; HX5581; HX5610; HX5611; HX5751; HX5752; HX5754; HX5810; HX5853; HX5910; HX7351; HX7361; HX7381; HX7551; HX7553; HX7800; HX7841; HX7881; HX9500; HX9552; HX9553; HX9562; HX9842; HX9882; etc.

    For use with Advance, Elite and Essence Series handles only. E-Series: Slim, angled neck, tapered brush head, and contour-fit bristles; Gets into hard-to-reach areas for optimal results. NEW: e Series brush heads are also compatible with Sonicare Advance Handles.

    Maintaining good oral health is easy with the Philips Sonicare e-Series Standard toothbrush heads. Designed to work with Advance, Essence, Elite, CleanCare, and Xtreme handles, these screw-on replacement brush heads feature an angled neck and contoured bristles to help you easily maneuver the brush and focus on hard-to-reach areas where plaque can hide. The blue reminder bristles fade to let you know when it’s time for replacement. Replace your brush head every three months for best results.

    Angled Neck and Contoured Bristles for Comfortable Use
    Angled Head
    With an angled neck and contoured bristles that correspond to the natural shape of your teeth, the e-Series Standard toothbrush heads deliver a thorough, comfortable brushing experience. The angled neck provides optimal reach for the bristles, which have soft rounded ends that gently massage your gums and go deep between teeth to remove plaque.

    Replace Every Three Months
    You can’t see it, but your brush head wears over time. Blue reminder bristles fade in color to let you know when it’s time to replace the brush head. Dental professionals recommend replacing your brush head every three months. Sonicare technology helps you remove up to two times more plaque compared to a manual toothbrush.

    Brush Heads Screw On for Easy Replacement and Cleaning
    Thanks to the brush head’s screw-on design, they can be easily removed for cleaning and replacement. The heads come with caps for hygienic storage and travel.

    Fits Multiple Sonicare Handles
    The e-Series Standard brush heads work with the following Sonicare models: Advance, Essence, Elite, CleanCare, and Xtreme.

    About Philips: Sense and Simplicity
    Philips is committed to understanding and meeting the needs and desires of its customers. This is why Philips creates cutting-edge products that are user friendly. With 60,000 registered patents, Philips is a global leader in innovation, receiving numerous international design awards every year. Sonicare is the number one recommended brand by dental professionals.

    What’s in the Box
    Two e-Series Standard sonic toothbrush heads and two hygienic travel caps.

    High quality unbranded Generic E-Series toothbrush heads and Compatible with Philips Sonicare Electric toothbrush’s
    unique angled neck that helps provide a better reach within the mouth for a thorough cleaning.
    Reminder bristles ensure you are getting an effective Clean.

    Compatible with:
    Philips Sonicare Elite Series
    Philips Sonicare Essence Series
    Philips Sonicare CleanCare Series
    Philips Sonicare Xtreme Series
    Philips Sonicare Advance Series

    Compatible with following models but not limited to:
    Sonicare Essence 5000 Series models: HX5251, HX5300, HX5310, HX5350, HX5351, HX5451, HX5500, HX5700, HX5740, HX5800, HX5810, HX5600, 5600, HX5610, HX5610/30, HX5610/01, HX5620, HX5630, 5300, 5310, 5500, 5700, 5750
    Sonicare Elite 7000 Series models: HX7351, HX7361, HX7500, HX7800, HX7841, HX7100, HX7300,
    Sonicare Elite 9000 Series models: HX9500, HX9552, HX9800, HX9842 Elite Premium
    Sonicare eSeries models: 4100, 4500, 7300, 7900, 9200, 9500, 9650, 9800, 5300, 5350, 5500, 5550, 5750, 5810
    Sonicare CleanCare Series
    Sonicare Xtreme Series
    Sonicare Advance Series

    Package includes:
    6 x Toothbrush Heads with Plastic Hygienic Caps Individually Sealed.
    Brush Ring Color May Vary.
    Please note: This is NOT a Philips Sonicare Brand.