Philips Hx7052 Sonicare E Series Brush Heads

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Philips Hx7052 Sonicare E Series Brush Heads

Philips Hx7052 Sonicare E Series Brush Heads

SKU: hx7052

Sonicare Sensitive Elite Brush Head Series Philips Electric Toothbrush HX7052

Sonimart Ultra Soft Sensitive Replacement Toothbrush Heads 2-pack, replaces Philips Sonicare HX7052 E-Series Sensitive.
Condition: Brand New Factory Sealed in Retail Packaging .
Item Included: 2 pcs of Sensitive Replacement Brush Heads .
Screw-on brush head, easy brush head replacement and handle cleaning .
Contoured bristle field fits the natural shape of teeth .

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Sonimart Sensitive Premium Replacement Toothbrush Heads for Philips Sonicare e-Series HX7052

    Fits Sonicare Advance, CleanCare, Elite, Essence and Xtreme Philips Brush Handles.
    Sonimart sensitive toothbrush heads with ultra soft britles are gentle on teeth and gums.
    Screw-on system fits: Advance, CleanCare, Elite, Essence (does not fit Essence+) and Xtreme Philips Brush Handles.
    The quality of Sonimart Premium toothbrush heads is the MOST comparable to Philips Sonicare.
    OEHHA Prop 65 approved Sonimart toothbrush heads are made at the highest health and safety standard.
    Reminder bristles will fade when a replacement is needed, usually three months.

    HIGH COMPATIBILITY-Compatible with All Philips Sonicare E -Series, Advance, Elite, Essence and Xtreme CleanCare Series Brush Handles. (Full list of compatible models in description below).
    PACKAGE: You will have GENKENT brush heads, if not get GENKENT toothrbush head,100% full refund.
    HEALTH & SAFETY STANDARD: The bristles are made of ultra-soft nylon which is easy on your gum, FDA approved and has passed dentist’s official health and safety standard. One brush head will last for about 3 months under normal usage.
    FUNCTIONAL DESIGN : Advanced bristle design for superior cleaning.
    EVERY THREE MONTHS: Reminder bristles fade from blue to white, helping you stay in line with dentist recommendations by alerting you when it’s time to change your brush head.

    Genkent Replacement Philips sonicare e series toothbrush heads is the Dentist’s Highest Quality philips Compatible Toothbrush Head Replacements,We want to make it easy for you to order the most effective Philips compatible replacement head on Amazon to help protect your teeth.

    These ESeries brush heads with screw-on system fit the following Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush Handles:

    The replacement brush heads are compatible with all of the following handle models:
    HX3300; HX3351; HX3500, HX3551; HX3881; HX4002; HX4101; HX4011;
    HX4321; HX4772; HX4511; HX4572; HX4573; HX4772; HX4871; HX4872;
    HX5130; HX5251; HX5300; HX5310; HX5350; HX5351; HX5352; HX5400;
    HX5451; HX5500; HX5551; HX5581; HX5610; HX5611; HX5751; HX5752;
    HX5754; HX5810; HX5853; HX5910; HX7351; HX7361; HX7381;
    HX7551; HX7553; HX7800; HX7841; HX7881; HX9500; HX9552; HX9553;
    HX9562; HX9842; HX9882; etc.

    Dental professionals recommend:
    Replacing your brush head when the Blue reminder bristles fade
    Replacing your brush head every three months.
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    Package: 2 Brush heads . You will receive Genkent Heads with hygienic travel caps Sealed
    Disclaimer:Our replacement toothbrush heads are not by Philips. We independently manufacture these generic replacement heads in order to provide a high quality replacement for various Philips toothbrush heads.

    Maintaining good oral health is easy with the Philips Sonicare e-Series Standard toothbrush heads. These screw-on replacement brush heads remove up to 2x more plaque vs. a manual toothbrush. e-Series also features an angled neck and contoured bristles to help you easily maneuver the brush and focus on hard-to-reach areas where plaque can hide. The blue reminder bristles fade to let you know when it’s time for replacement. Replace your brush head every 3 months as recommended by the American Dental Association. A fresh brush head every 3 months maximizes the effectiveness of Philips¡¯ unique Sonicare technology.

    Brand New 100% Authentic 1 pack of 2 Sonicare Elite Sensitive Brush Heads by Phillips. Fits Elite, Essence,Advace & Xtreme. Model # HX7052

    Brush heads are sealed and come in the sealed card board packing. Inner pack is clear plastic pack.

    For use with All Sonicare Elite handles(9000 series) (7000 series) and Essence (5000 series)and (3000 series) & Sonicare Advance handles (4000 series).