Philips Hx9036 Sonicare Gum Health Brush Heads

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Philips Hx9036 Sonicare Gum Health Brush Heads

Philips Hx9036 Sonicare Gum Health Brush Heads

SKU: hx9036

Philips Sonicare hx9036 e-Series Standard sonic toothbrush heads

The Philips Sonicare ProResults gum health toothbrush head is perfect for those who want to maintain optimal plaque removal, with an extra gentle touch, as part of their everyday oral healthcare routine.
Tough on plaque. Extra gentle on gums.
Exceptional plaque removal for better gum health .
Standard size.
Advanced gum health.
Designed for optimal gum improvement.

hx9036/30 philips hx9036 sonicare hx9036

  • Description

    Product Description

    philips hx9036 sonicare gum health brush heads

    Classic Clean
    Screw-on electric toothbrush head
    Screw-on brush head for our original Sonicare handles

    Screw-on brush head that will fit our original Sonicare handles
    Reminder bristles ensure you are getting an effective clean

    Reminder bristles let’s you know when to replace the brush head. After three months of normal use bristles exhibit fatigue, and brush heads are less effective. Replace your brush heads every 3 months.
    Unique angled neck helps you reach back teeth.

    The slim angled neck enables you to easily maneuver the toothbrush head, particularly in hard-to-reach areas to remove plaque.
    Technical Specifications .
    Weight and dimensions.
    Dimensions brush head packaging .
    21.6 h x 6.5 w x 4.1 d cm .
    Weight brush head packaging .
    0.132 kg .
    Ease of use.
    Suitable for these models.
    Technical specifications
    Operating time
    For optimal results, a new brush head is recommended every three months.
    Reminder Bristles fade when a replacement is needed.